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News, 15 June 2007

The 13-th annual All-Russia teaching and training seminar on traditional Karate-do Tengu-ryu has been passed in Orenburg on 10th and 11th of June, 2007, under direction of the President of the National Development Center of Budo "Ronin Renmey", Eugeniy Bezruchko, who is the owner of the 5th Dan and also title Tashi-Ho. The seminar consisted of three trainings with total duration of 9 hours. 20 heads of clubs and karateks from dojoes in Moscow, Krasnodar, Orenburg, Magnitogorsk, Ekaterinburg and Buzuluk have participated in the seminar. These two short days have been sated with interesting training program as always. Participants had an opportunity to master techniques, both of classical karate, and Tengu-no-Mishi techniques. This time Sensei Bezruchko has given a plenty of time for renewing of kata Happoren, Rokkishu, Hangetsu and mastering of protection techniques against one and two opponents. Complex and simple, effective and imperceptible methods alternated with mastering of bunches and combinations : High spirits of all participants (despite of high physical activities) filled the hall with positive energy. For this reason it seemed to everybody that the week-end has slept away as one instant, having left after itself a little weariness, pleasant ache in muscles, excellent mood and huge desire to continue the Way in martial arts.

The only event which has saddened the seminar was the message about death of Sensei Ogura : But everyone who today is engaged in martial arts, as well as the fighters, lived many centuries ago, should remember that Death always follows the person during his all life. Nobody knows when Death will bring us with it, but the only thing that is possible to say, is that everyone would like very much that after his death, followers think of him the same as we think today of Sensei Ogura.

The death of Sensei Ogura has made the most participants to think of responsibility which slowly, but inevitably lies down on their shoulders. The less old recognized Masters remain in the world the more new generation looks at us and searches such features, as strength of mind and purposefulness which Sensei of the past possessed. And it is very important not to deceive hopes of those who see an emulation example in you.

Everybody left the seminar with mixed feeling of pleasure and grief, but with sincere hope to meet again in January, 2008, here in Orenburg on the next seminar.

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